JUNE 2023


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June 30, 2023 - Commemoration of St. Paul, Apostle
Double Major Feast

Newchurch Desecration of Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris Revealed
The Interior Has Been Gutted to Become a Ghastly Novus Ordo Monstrosity

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Original Notre Dame High Altar Novus Ordo Replacement

At Left Is the Original High Altar
Of Notre Dame Cathedral
Featuring a Large Roman Cross
And a Scene of the Pietà
At Right Is the Corrupted
Novus Ordo Dinner Table
In the Form of a Pagan Sacrifice Stone
That Will Replace It
Those Who Donated to the "Reconstruction"
Have Been Defrauded
By the Leaders of the Apostate Newchurch

On June 23, 2023, the gutting of the inside of the famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, constructed in 1163, was revealed. Those who donated to the "reconstruction" after the Holy Week 2019 fire have been defrauded. The inside of the cathedral is not being restored to its original form, but is being corrupted to become yet another ghastly Novus Ordo monstrosity.

The venerable Notre Dame Cathedral is the latest to become the victim to a now-familiar ruses of the Newchurch of the New Order, founded at the Vatican II Anti-council in 1964 to replace the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church, which replaces traditional, historic churches with Modernistic garbage. The Newchurchers who contribute to such works are probably unaware that they will be defrauded and that their money will be being converted, against their charitable intention, to works that are outright Protestant, Masonic, and Pagan. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Riposte-catholique.]

Traditional Catholics, if these clueless Newchurchers had any courage, they would demand their money back and imprison the fraudster Newpopes and Newbishops who have defrauded them. But they will not do so. Instead, in willful ignorance, they will continue to play patsies to the fake (invalid) and corrupt Newclergy that run the Newchurch of the New Order.


Neocon Newchurch Bishop Is the Latest to Be Slapped with Newpapal Inquisition
Francis-Bergoglio Hates even the Hint of Orthodox Catholicism, Which Strickland Outspokenly Preaches

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Joseph Strickland and 'Sister of Perpetual Indulgence'

Newbishop Joseph Strickland
Led a Protest in Front of a Protest
In Front of Los Angeles Dodgers' Stadium
Against the Blasphemy
Of the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence"
A Group of Drag Queens Dressed as Nuns
To Mock the Church
As a Result "The Dictator Pope [Sic]"
Francis-Bergoglio Has Initiated
A Grand Inquisition against Strickland
To Remove Him
Although He Is Not a Paedophile Facilitator
Or Embezzler as Is Bergoglio Himself

Newbishop Joseph Strickland, of Tyler, Texas, is probably about to get the boot by Francis-Bergoglio. Unlike so many Newbishops these days, Strickland isn't a paedophile. He isn't an embezzler of Newchurch money, like all too many of Bergoglio's Newbishops, presbyters, "nuns," and even the Newpope himself, implicated in the ongoing Newvatican trial as the mastermind of a 340,000,000 USD fraud involving Newchurchers' donations. No, Strickland is "too Catholic," or what passes for it these days in the Newchurch of the New Order.

Bergoglio waffles on the morality of abortion; Strickland condemns it outright. Bergoglio approved the recognition of bigamy in his 2016 document "Amoris laetitia" (The Joy of Sex) and homosexual "civil unions"; Strickland preaches that marriage is between one man and one woman, and only once (except in the case of a spouse's death). Bergoglio has suppressed even the "New Latin Mess" of 1962 (which is not even the Traditional Latin Mass); the, albeit unconsecrated, Strickland does not practice the New Latin Mess, and certainly not the Traditional Latin Mass, but he does not persecute those who do so.

Bergoglio is turning Newchurch into an even more radical Protestant sect, and even introducing the worship of Pagan gods, like Pachamama and Atacama. Strickland preaches mostly traditional Catholic orthodox doctrine. Bergoglio's is summoning a Vatican III Anti-council (aka the Great Synod on Synodality) in October 2023 to introduce deaconesses, the notion of priestesses, non-celibate presbyters (as if there weren't enough of those already!), and the recognition of Gay-Lesbial-Bisexual-Transsexual-Queer-Intersex-Agender. Strickland has condemned the very notion of these perversions.

Then, on May 12, 2023, Strickland outspokenly told the truth and called Bergoglio a heretic. The last straw was Strickland's condemnatory speech on June 16 at the Los Angeles Dodgers Stadium, in front of large protest against the Dodgers' blasphemous recognition of the "Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence," a group of drag queens dressed as nuns to mock the Church. Even the Newchurch Archbishop of Los Angeles, Jose Gomez didn't have the guts to do that and stayed home. In fact, the pusillanimous Gomez condemned the protest rally. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

Traditional Catholics, Francis-Bergoglio has dispatched a Newpapal Inquisition to Tyler, Texas, to gather dirt on Strickland to provide a ruse for removing him. This ruse will probably involve not paedophilia or embezzlement, but some cloudy notion of "mismanagement." For example, Bergoglio has used the same technique, derived from the techniques of the Spanish Inquisition of the Middle Ages. Bergoglio has used this method to remove Newbishop Daniel Fernandez Torres, of Arecibo, Puerto Rico, in 2022 for refusing to require his Newchurchers to get a vaccination against the Red China Virus. He removed Newbishop Rogelio Livieres Plano, of Paraguay, for a "lack of collegiality" (whatever that means!). He is conducting an inquisition against Newbishop Dominique Rey, of France, for encouraging the New Latin Mess. Bergoglio is conducting a worldwide personal Reign of Terror that has earned him the moniker "Il Papa Dittatore" - The Dictator Pope [Sic]."

June 28, 2023 - St. Irenaeus, Bishop & Martyr
Double Feast

Europe's Historic Once-Catholic Churches Are Being Sold off to Become Bars and Dance Halls
As the Newchurch Vulgarizes Churches according to the Blueprint of Its Pagan "New Order"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
The Church Bar

The Apostate Newchurch Is Selling Off
Many Historic Churches
To Become Liquor Bars and Hotels
In Some of These Churches
By Blasphemy and Sacrilege
Once-consecrated Altars
Have Become Vulgarized
Into Part of the Kitsch Decor

In his Sermon on the Mount, Our Lord taught the multitudes: "By their fruits you shall know them.... Every tree that bringeth not forth good fruit shall be cut down and shall be cast into the fire" (Matthew 7:17, 19). As we have often said, the apostate Newchurch of the New Order, together with its Newpopes, founded by the Vatican II Anti-council in 1964, has clearly brought forth only the most rotten fruit. Those fruits, as even its first Newpope himself admitted in 1972, just three years after he imposed the fake (invalid) New Mess are Satanic: "Through some cracks in the wall the smoke of Satan (fumus Satanae) has entered the temple of God [sic - referring to the apostate Newchurch]:"

Many of Europe's historic once-Catholic churches are now empty. Churches where once the True Mass (Traditional Latin Mass) rang out to the strains of the Church's own sacred Gregorian Chant, where once a repentant humanity mobbed the confessionals, have now been sold off by Newchurch, which is becoming increasingly bankrupt, to become bars and dance halls. Monasteries and convents where monks and nuns sang unceasingly the Divine Office for the salvation of mankind have been converted into hotels and night clubs where gutter rock music now blares out. In some of these churches, by blasphemy and sacrilege, once-consecrated altars have become vulgarized into part of the kitsch decor. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Associated Press.]

Traditional Catholics, this is the horror that the apostate Newchurch and its Newpopes have perpetrated. Newchurch is most certainly not the Catholic Church and is even now being burned out of existence by the Divine will. Because it is the Anti-church, it has no power to offer no God's grace to man. Attendance at its fake Protestant-Masonic-Pagan services is sinking into single digits. Its clergy is sinking into the most vile crimes, sodomy and embezzlement, against its own members. Heresy is rampant. Newchurch and its Newpopes are now learning the meaning of St. Paul's warning: "Nolite errare: Deus non inridetur." - Be not deceived: God is not mocked (Galatians 6:7/DRV)."

June 27, 2023 - Within the Octave of the Nativity of St. John the Baptist
Semidouble Feast

New Prohibitions on the "New Latin Mess" of 1962 Are Now Being Imposed
In Addition to Being Prohibited Outright in Newparishes, It Is Being Prohibited in Shrines around the World

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Walsingham Shrine

The "Slipper Chapel" of the National Shrine
Of Our Lady at Walsingham in England
Built in 1340 and Second only to Canterbury
As an Ancient Site of Pilgrimage
Now Newchurch
Like the Excommunicate King Henry VIII
Has Prohibited Simulation
Of the "New Latin Mess" of 1962 There
Let Alone the Celebration
Of the True Traditional Latin Mass

Now that Francis-Bergoglio is out of hospital after having his hernia fixed, his Newchurch is now back on the warpath against the Half New Order "New Latin Mess" of 1962. On June 19, 2023, it was announced that the Newchurch prohibition on this Mess, which is not even the Traditional Latin Mass, have been extended now to various shrines around the world.

One of these shrines is England's National Shrine of Our Lady at Walsingham, where the New Latin Mess had been simulated for Newchurch pilgrims for a decade. Some New Latin Messes already scheduled there have been cancelled on short notice, as well as future Messes. The prohibition applies to all such Messes "either private or public." The scope of the new prohibitions have been called "totalitarian in scope," as well as "unjust, non-inclusive, and cruel." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

Traditional Catholics, Neocon and Pseudo-traditionalist Newchurchers are whining about these new prohibitions, but they have only themselves to blame. They continue to bend the knee to a Newpope who describes himself as tantamount to atheistic Communist and heads not the Catholic Church, but the Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly not the Catholic Church. It is a fabrication of the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965) to replace the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church. Anyone with eyes to see and ears to hear knows that the whole Newchurch structure is a fake, worse than Protestantism and now, under Francis-Bergoglio, worse than Paganism. The solution is simple: true Catholics should have nothing to do with the Newchurch of the New Order and its leaders, nor should they contribute one penny to support its embezzlements and paedophile crimes.

June 26, 2023 - St. John & Paul, Martyrs
Double Feast

Neo-SSPX Priest Publicly Breaks from the Fellay-Pagliarani Regime
He Declares that Newchurch Presbyters Are Not Validly Ordained and Are Not Priests

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Michael Johnson

"The Sermon Heard Round the World"
Fr. Michael Johnson, Who Identifies as a Neo-SSPX Priest
Has Publicly Broken from the Fellay-Pagliarani Regime's
Ironclad Policy of Regarding Newchurch Priests as Valid
Whereas Newchurch's Own Ordinal and Officials Admit
That They Are No More than Protestant Ministers
Even the Founder of the Original Society of St. Pius X
Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre
Distinguished the False "Conciliar Church"
From the Church of the "Eternal Rome"
And Called the Conciliar Church's Newpope
Benedict-Ratzinger "Not a Catholic"

Fr. Michael Johnson, who identifies as a Neo-SSPX priest, took the pulpit on June 18, 2023, at Our Lady Help of Christians in Garden Grove, Southern California, and publicly split from the Fellayite Neo-SSPX's ironclad policy of recognizing the "installations" of "presbyters" (formerly priests) and "overseers" (formerly bishops) as valid:

Personally, my conviction is that Novus Ordo priests [sic] are not validly ordained.... They're not. I don't believe they're priests because the sacrament [sic] which supposedly ordains them priests [sic] really only ordains them as celebrants and facilitators, not as priests -- they don't even like the word "priest" -- is so lacking that it is not capable of effecting that miracle [the Consecration of Holy Mass].

Unlike Traditional Catholic priests who saw Newchurch for the fraud that it has been since its foundation, some people just take longer to see the handwriting on the wall since November 21, 1964, when the Vatican II Anti-council founded the Newchurch of the New Order to replace the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church -- a goal in which it was successful, having imposed on those clueless enough to associate with it a fake Mess that is not a Mass; fake sacraments that are not Sacramental; anti-Catholic moral teaching, which they follow in their personal lives;and anti-Catholic doctrine that makes even many heretics blush.

The fact of the matter is that in 1968 the Newchurch of the New Order adopted an invalid (fake) Protestantized Ordinal, under which presbyters (presbyteri), not priests (sacerdotes), are merely "installed" (instaurandi) like Protestants, not ordained (ordinandi). When Fellay commissioned a tract to be written by a Neo-SSPX priest on the validity of Newchurch presbyters, the priest researched the theology in detail and concluded the opposite: that Newchurch presbyters are not priests and their Messes are not valid. It is reported that Fellay flew into a rage at the priest, fired him, and got another priest to write up a tract that would be pleasing to Newrome, to which Fellay longs to affiliate so that he can wear his fancied scarlet slippers.

The original SSPX's founder, Archbishop Lefebvre, clearly recognized that there were two Churches: one fake, which he called the "Conciliar Church" after the Vatican II Anti-council, and the Church of "Eternal Rome," the Catholic Church based upon Sacred Scripture and Sacred Tradition. Once the Archbishop was asked what he thought about Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger, and the Archbishop, who knew Ratzinger well, bluntly replied: "He's not a Catholic." The Archbishop's biographer and other sources indicated that shortly before his death, the Archbishop was going to reject the New Latin Mess of 1962 and require his priests to use the Traditional Latin Mass, from before the Bugnini deconstructions starting in the early 1950s.

There has historically been a great deal of dissent within the Fellayite Neo-SSPX ever since 1992, when Bernie Fellay became Superior General after the death of the Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre and changed the Society's constitution to a dictatorial structure. In 2017, when Fellay again took steps to sell out the Neo-SSPX to the new Newpope Francis-Bergoglio, over 100 of Fellay's Neo-SSPX priests, more than one-sixth of his total clergy, had had enough and abandoned Fellay and his Neo-SSPX.

Traditional Catholics, undoubtedly, Fr. Johnson will be severely censured by Fellay & Co, and already the Neo-SSPX minions are calling their priest every vile name in the book for speaking the truth. But the secret is out, if it wasn't already: Fellay's Neo-SSPX dictatorship continues to crumble as more and more Neo-SSPXers come finally to realize that just as the Newchurch of the New Order is not the Catholic Church, so Bernie Fellay is no Archbishop Lefebvre.

June 25, 2023 - Fourth Sunday after Pentecost
Semidouble Sunday

Newchurch in France Reels from Sex-crime Charges against Two More Newbishops
An Investigating Commission Already Reported over 330,000 Paedophile Sex Assaults in the French Newchurch

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Georges Colomb

Newbishop Georges Colomb
Head of France's Main Missionary Society
Waves Goodbye to His Job
He and His Successor Have Been Charged
With Sodomitic Rape and Its Cover-up
An Investigation into 1,247 French Newbishops
And Presbyters Working in the Missionary Society
Is Ongoing and Will Report by the End of 2023
In October 2021 Another Investigating Commission
Already Reported that Some 330,000 Children
Had Been Sexually Assaulted
By Newchurch's Clergy and Lay Employees

On June 14, 2023, an "unprecedented" collaboration of three French newspapers reported that two more French Newbishops have been charged with paedophile sex crimes, on top of the 330,000 . paedophile sex crimes already reported in the French Newchurch. Newbishop Georges Colomb, who until 2016 was Superior General of Newchurch's main missionary society, the Society of Paris Foreign Missions, is being investigated on a charge of sodomitic rape. Colomb's successor, Newbishop Giles Reithinger, has been charged with covering up Colomb's crimes. Colomb has been suspended ad interim. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Our Sunday Visitor.]

One spokesman for victims of rape by Newchurch clergy pointed to the new charges as evidence that the French Newchurch is still not "cleansed" of paedophile sex criminality, despite Newvatican's herculean propaganda efforts to exculpate itself. "The [New]church hasn't only made mistakes, it has also perpetrated deceptions, lies, insinuations and dissimulations, hampering the truth, and avoiding what is said in the Gospel. Once again, we see people in authority embodying all the [New]church's shortcomings," he said.

Traditional Catholics, an investigation into 1,247 French Newbishops and presbyters working in the missionary society is ongoing and will report by the end of 2023. In October 2021 another investigating commission already reported that some 330,000 children had been sexually assaulted by Newchurch clergy and lay employees. Truly, Newchurch is now publicly exposed without doubt as morally filthy from its apostate Newpopes right on down to its lay members. No true Catholic can have anything to do with Newchurch, which is most certainly not the Catholic Church.


Francis-Bergoglio Dismisses Pseudo-traditionalist Poseur Newcardinal Ray "Bully" Burke
Burke, Who Once Consecrated a Man as a Newchurch "Nun," Has Hit Rock Bottom and Is Finally Out

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Ray Burke

Pseudo-traditionalist Poseur
Newcardinal Ray "Bully" Burke
Finally Gets the Call: You're Out!
Declares Francis-Bergoglio
The Newcardinal Had a History
Of Consecrating a Man as a Newchurch "Nun"
And of Viciously Persecuting
A Traditionalist-leaning Newparish
He Fouled up Every Assignment He Received
Now He Is Out with No Porfolio
Sashaying around in His Besmirched Cappa Magna
Living on Alms from Clueless Pseudo-traditionalists

Newcardinal Ray "Bully" Burke is surely one of the saddest cases in Newchurch, still, for some reason, beloved of certain clueless Neocon Newchurchers and Pseudo-traditionalists. Now the pseudo-traditionalist poseur is out once and for all. On June 19, 2023, Francis-Bergoglio issued a slap in the face to Burke by sidelining the Newcardinal before his 75th birthday, without even waiting for the customary resignation. Burke had in recent years posed as a pseudo-traditionalist, but in reality has operated dictatorially against pseudo-traditionalists in Newchurch and has been a supporter transsexuals.

Truly, Burke has had a checkered career. After Burke consecrated a man as a Newchurch "nun" in his Newdiocese of LaCrosse, Wisconsin, he went on to become Newarchbishop of St. Louis, Missouri, where he viciously persecuted a traditionalist-leaning Newparish. Burke's dictatorial action there so riled the local community that Benedict-Ratzinger fired him in 2008 and gave him a sinecure as Prefect of the Newapostolic Signatura, a Newvatican court that has no independent power. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

Traditional Catholics, when Francis-Bergoglio became Newpope in 2013, he fired Newcardinal Ray Burke from his position on the Signatura and appointed him to another sinecure, as "patron" of the Knights of Malta. After fouling up that assignment, along with one as Newpapal inquisitor to the tiny island of Guam in the Pacific Ocean, Bergoglio has now fired Burke as patron of the Knights of Malta and has left him without portfolio. Now Burke sashays around, a pathetic figure in a cappa magna, living on alms for his very living expenses from clueless pseudo-traditionalists who can see only the fake scarlet of his besmirched garb.

June 23, 2023 - Octave Day of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Double Major Feast

Francis-Bergoglio's Bosom Buddy, Newcardinal Ouellet, Is Charged with More Sex Crimes
He Had Been Appointed by Bergoglio as Prefect over All the Newbishops of the World

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergoglio & Marc Ouellet

Cooperators in the Sexual Assault of Women
Francis-Bergoglio and His Newcardinal Marc Ouellet
The Charges Are Now Piling up against Ouellet
But Bergoglio Has Dismissed Them out of Hand
Thus, His Newarchdiocese of Quebec
Has Been Slapped with a Class-action Lawsuit
Undoubtedly, More Women Will Now Come Forth
To Charge Ouellet and Bergoglio with Sex Crimes

As Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust continues unabated, yet another one of the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio's inner circle has been fingered, on June 16, 2023, for criminal sexual assault. Newcardinal Mark Ouellet was appointed by the heretic Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger in 2013, then by Bergoglio in 2018. Nine years later retired after he was charged with criminal sexual assault. Bergoglio had placed his bosom buddy Ouellet as Prefect over all the all the Newbishops of the world, yet he himself couldn't keep his hands and other organs off women.

In an August 2022 lawsuit, Ouellet's assistant charged that Ouellet had assaulted her for three years. Now another woman has charged Ouellet with sexually assaulting her in the sacristy of Newchurch's Montreal Seminary as he was preparing to simulate the fake Novus Ordo Mess. A third woman charged Ouellet with sexual assault, which she reported directly to Bergoglio. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic World News.]

Traditional Catholics, Francis-Bergoglio can't play dumb and innocent bystander in this case, as he was publicly served with the female victim's charges. Yet he dismissed the matter out of hand. Thus, his Newarchdiocese of Quebec has been slapped with a class-action lawsuit. Undoubtedly, more women will now come forth to charge Ouellet and Bergoglio.

June 22, 2023 - St. Paulinus, Bishop & Confessor
Double Feast

California Restaurant Hires Fake "Presbyter" to Hear "Confessions"
The Deluded Newchurcher Employees Were Totally Clueless that They Have Been Defrauded

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Newchurchers Hoodwinked

The Clueless Newchurchers Have Been So Lied To
Over the Years by the Fake Newchurch of the New Order
And Its Apostate Newpopes
That They Fell Prey to a Fake "Presbyter"
Who Heard Their "Reconciliations" at Work
To Elicit "Sins" against Their Employer
The Fake Apparently Jabbered with Them
In the Vulgar Tongue and Didn't Have Any Idea
Of What the Valid Latin Form Is
Even though Most of the Employees
Were Hispanic and Thus Spoke a Vulgar Form of Latin

It is sad, though amusing, that when a Roseville, California, restaurant hired a fake to hear "Reconciliations" (formerly Confessions) during work hours, the hoodwinked Newchurch were totally clueless. The scam was revealed on June 12, 2023, by the U.S. Department of Labor. The restaurant wanted to get employees to confess their "sins" against their employer. The fake urged employees to "get the sins out." He asked them whether they had stolen from their employer, been late for work, done anything to harm their employer, or had bad intentions toward their employer.

But these Newchurchers were no worse off that all Newchurchers, who have been bamboozled since the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965). First, Newchurch has not ordained priests since 1968, when it adopted an invalid Protestantized New Ordinal, which does no more than "install" presbyters, who have no more power to forgive sin than does a Protestant minister.

Second, in 1973 Newchurch did away with the Sacrament of Penance (Confession) and replaced it with a non-sacrament of "Reconciliation," which has no power to forgive sin any more than a Protestant penitential service has. Finally, whatever "sins" these employees confessed to the fake are not under the seal of confession, because there was no Sacrament involved. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic News Agency.]

Traditional Catholics, the clueless Newchurchers have been so lied to over the years by the fake Newchurch of the New Order and its apostate Newpopes that they have become totally ignorant of what a real priest is and what a real Sacrament is, never having had one since the 1960s. The fake apparently jabbered with them in the vulgar tongue and didn't have any idea of what the valid Latin form is, even though most of the employees were Hispanic and thus themselves spoke a vulgar form of Latin.

June 21, 2023 - St. Aloysius Gonzaga, Confessor
Double Feast

During June 2023 "Gay Pride Month," Newchurch Has Given Its Full-on Support to Sodomy
No Wonder Almighty God Has Taken away from Newchurch and Its Followers the True Mass and Sacraments

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Washington, D.C. Newchurch

Newchurchers in Washington, D.C.
And Elsewhere in the United States and the World
Turn Their Backs on the Cross of Christ
And Embrace the Sodomite LGBTQXXX Immorality
Although even the Neocon and Pseudo-traditionalist
Newchurchers Maintain Their Support
Of the Apostate Newchurch of the New Order
Many Conservative Protestants Are Breaking Away
From their Leftist Leaders and Forming Their Own
Independent Conservative Synods

If there was any doubt that Newchurch has gone "gay," its full-on support of June 2023's "Gay Pride Month" certainly confirms it. No wonder almighty God has taken away from Newchurch and its followers the True Mass and Sacraments, and the very Grace of God. Thus, Newchurch and its Newpopes are mired in its Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust that continues without ceasing. As Newchurch goes "gay" like the Leftist Protestant sects, even the conservative Protestants are breaking away from their Leftist leaders and forming their own independent conservative synods.

On June 20, 2023, Newvatican issued an instrumentum laboris, or working document, which will guide the Great Synod on Synodality (aka Vatican III), beginning October 4, 2023. Inter alia, it proposes women serving in the role of clergy, not excluding the installation of priestess and deaconesses. In addition, it proposes a "radical inclusion" of what it calls "LGBT+ persons," adopting for the first time in Newvatican's history that political term, to which additional letters can be, and already have been added. Thus, Newchurch now accepts the gross immorality, described in Sacred Scripture (The Bible) as one of the Four Sins that Cry out to Heaven for Retribution, of Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, to which have been added Queer, Intersex, and Agender (LGBTQIA+).

There is nothing of the Catholic Church in any of this. The Newchurch of the New Order is most certainly not the Catholic Church, from the Newpopes on down to the laity. Newchurch is a fraud concocted to replace the Catholic Church and given its constitution at the Vatican II Anti-council on September 21, 1964. Newchurch around the world is sponsoring Sodomitic (aka "Gay") Messes, the fake (invalid) Novus Ordo Vatican II Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service. Two of them in the United States were associated with Francis-Bergoglio's closest Newcardinals, the apostates Wilton Gregory, of Washington, D.C., and Blase Cupich, of Chicago, Illinois.

Holy Trinity Church in Washington, D.C., the Newparish of the abortion-supporting, sodomy-supporting, self-proclaimed "devout Catholic" U.S. President J.R. Biden simulated a "Gay Pride Mess" on June 14, 2023. LGBTQXXX attendees blasphemously held up "gay" rainbow flags during the service. Washington's Newcardinal Wilton Gregory, appointed by the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio had refused to cancel it, in spite of an outpouring of condemnation by Newchurchers in Washington and elsewhere. The Newparish is run by the Leftist/Marxist Newjesuits and before the Vatican II Anti-council and its "New Mess" was attended by U.S. President John Kennedy.

Newcardinal Blase Cupich, appointed by the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio, on June 18, 2023. simulated a "Gay Pride Mess" at Our Lady of Mount Carmel Newchurch in Chicago, Illinois, blasphemously within the Octave of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus, whose purpose is to urge man to make an Act of Reparation for his sins that have so offended His Lord. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

Traditional Catholics, the Newchurch of the New Order and its Newpopes is most certainly not the Catholic Church. Its New Order Protestant-Masonic-Pagan Mess is fake (invalid) and far worse now than most Protestant services. This Mess is not worship of God, but merely a Leftist/Marxist political rally, in which excommunicate heretics participate. But what is really scandalous is that the Newcon Newchurchers and Pseudo-traditionalist of the Vatican II Anti-council's "New Latin Mess" still populate these Newchurches. If they were Catholic, they wouldn't set foot in the blasphemous, idolatrous, and sacrilegious Newchurches.

June 20, 2023 - Within the Octave of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Semidouble Feast

As Protestants Are Becoming More and More Catholic
Newchurch Has Become Far More Protestant under the Apostate Newpopes

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Newchurch Priestesses

As More and More Protestant Sects
Swing "Traditionalist" around the World
Francis-Bergoglio Is Using His "Vatican III"
His "Great Synod on Synodality"
Starting October 2023
To Do just the Opposite:
Introduce Deaconesses
And even Priestesses
His Newpope Predecessors Have Already
Introduced Lectoresses
And "Eucharistic" Ministresses

As Newchurch and its Newpopes become more Protestant under the apostate Newpopes, after the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965) fabricated the Newchurch of the New Order in 1964 to replace the Catholic Church, the Protestants are becoming more and more Catholic (but not Newchurch, which is most certainly not the Catholic Church). And it appears to be, at least in part, the apostasy of Newchurch itself from the Catholic Faith that is a major a cause of this movement. Who knows but that this is why God has allowed the Newchurch of the New Order to sink, to encourage traditionalist Protestants to start the journey back to the true Catholic Church?

While the Marxist/Modernist Newpope Francis-Bergoglio is pushing to make women Newchurch clergy ("eucharistic" ministresses, lectoresses, deaconesses, even priestesses), more traditionalist Protestants are moving in the opposite direction. On June 14, 2023, the Southern Baptist Convention, the largest Protestant sect in the United States, confirmed that, in accordance with Sacred Scripture (The Bible), women are permanently barred from being ordained as pastors, elders, or overseers (bishops). Women are already barred from being ordained as deacons. Neither does the Southern Baptist Convention ordain woman as deacons or ordain open sodomites (LGBTQXXX). [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic World News.]

Traditional Catholics, a traditionalist movement is growing within Protestants. Up to half of the membership in some Protestant sects (Methodist, Presbyterian, Congregationalist, Anglican/Episcopalian, etc.) are leaving their Marxist/Leftist pastors and taking their churches with them. Meanwhile, Newchurch under the Newpopes has become more Protestant in attempting to introduce women into Newchurch clergy against the specific prohibition of Sacred Scripture. In fact, the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio has demoted half the male clergy from his great, Protestant-style "Synod of Synods,," starting in October 2023 and mandated women to serve in place of the male clergy. He has specifically spoken of deaconesses and even priestesses. The future of Newchurch is now being mapped out as clearly as the Vatican II Anti-council was.

June 19, 2023 - St. Juliana Falconieri, Virgin
Double Feast

A Reader Asks: "I Know that Newchurch Does Not Have a Valid Mass
But How Did the Proliferation of So-called 'Concelebrated' Newchurch Messes Came About?"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Concelebrated Mess

The Travesty of a "Concelebrated Mess"
In Which Hordes of Newchurch Presbyters
Swarm around the Novus Ordo
"Eucharistic" Dinner Table Like Pesky Hornets
And Simulate the Invalid Service Together
This Protestant Practice Was Pushed
By the Vatican II Anti-council
In Conjunction with the Destruction
Of the Catholic Mass in Newchurch

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

I know that Newchurch does not have a valid Mass, but I was just wondering about the proliferation of "concelebrated" Messes. Even in Newrome one sees hordes of presbyters swarming around the "eucharistic" dinner table (formerly an altar) swilling wine and munching cookies ad nauseam. How did this travesty come about in Newchurch?


The practice of concelebration, or the joint celebration of Mass by more than one priest at a time, is absolutely prohibited in Catholic and Apostolic Tradition and thus in traditional Canon Law. Concelebration was a product of the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965) and has swept through Newchurch as the analogous service to ape the heretic Protestant sects. The Anti-council encouraged the practice because it wanted to promote the heretical and Protestant doctrine of the "priesthood of the people," in which every Tom, Dick, and Harriet thinks that he can perform priestly functions, as is the case in the heretic Protestant sects.

There were only two limited cases in Catholic practice, and these were specifically involved with a bishop's peculiar functions: those of ordaining and of consecrating. In these two peculiar cases, the new priest or bishop celebrate the Offertory and Canon of the Mass of ordination or consecration with his ordaining or consecrating bishop. These peculiar cases no longer exist in the Newchurch of the New Order because in 1968 it adopted an invalid, Protestantized New Ordinal, which no longer confers the Sacrament of Holy Orders.

One serious problem that would exist with concelebration is that no matter how many priests would celebrate a Mass together, they would celebrate only one Mass and merit the fruits of only one Mass. If, however, the priests were to offer their own Masses individually, there would be as many Masses as priests individually celebrating, and the fruits of the Mass would multiply by the number of Masses celebrated.

June 18, 2023 - Sunday within the Octave of the Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
Semidouble Sunday

Benedict-Ratzinger's Relatives Have Disowned Him and His Bequests
They Are Afraid of Being Sued because of Ratzinger's Involvement in Paedophile Crimes

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Suffused with the Smoke of Satan?
The Late Ex-Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger
Has Now Been Disowned by His Relatives
Who Refuse to Accept His Bequests
They Are Afraid of Being Sued
Because of Ratzinger's Involvement
In Paedophile Crimes
Which Are Being Litigated in German Courts
Ratzinger Is a Defendant
In One of the Most Notorious Cases
Of Sex Crimes in the Country

Ex-Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger went to eternal judgment on December 31, 2022. Now his relatives are disowning him. They have refused to touch any bequests from his will. By accepting the bequests, they will have to take over the legal claims against Ratzinger. They are afraid of being sued because of Ratzinger's involvement in paedophile crimes, which are being litigated in German courts. Ratzinger is a defendant in one of the most infamous cases of sex crimes in the country. One relative stated: "I get the shakes just thinking about how much I would have to pay out."

When Ratzinger had been Newarchbishop of Munich, he transferred a presbyter implicated in eight cases of paedophile sex crimes. Ratzinger sent the presbyter back to a Munich Newparish and failed to notify the Newparish about the presbyter's criminal past. As a result, the presbyter went on to assault sexually eleven more boys. Thus, Ratzinger was involved in destroying at least 19 childrens' lives. Ratzinger then transferred the paedophile presbyter to two more Newparishes. After his abdication, when the court cases were entered, Ratzinger claimed that he knew nothing about the cases, but then the minutes of the meeting at which he approved the transfer were discovered, and the Ex-Newpope was exposed to the world as a liar. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Religion News Service.]

Traditional Catholics, "Papa Ratzinger," as the Italians derisively called him, was independently wealthy, having earned royalties from the many books he wrote and salaries from universities where he was a theology professor. He also raked in Newchurch money during his time as Newarchbishop of Munich. Ironically, he broke tradition by not leaving his fortune to the Newchurch of the New Order, which he served as a Newprelate since 1977. The whole affaire d'Benedict-Ratzinger stinks to High Heaven. The man who was characterized as "traditionalist" actually was a rabid Modernist heretic, who was instrumental at the Vatican II Anti-council (1962-1965) in destroying the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church and replacing it with the fake Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly not the Catholic Church.

June 17, 2023 - Within the Octave of the Most Sacred Heart
Semidouble Feast

Francis-Bergoglio Commits an Act of Space Pollution
As the Apostate Newpope Shoots His Marxist/Leftist Screeds 525 Kilometres Up

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Falcon 9 Rocket

More Donations from Newchurchers
Go up in Smoke
As an Expensive Falcon 9 Rocket
Is Pressed into Service
To Shoot up the Apostate Francis-Bergoglio's
Leftist/Marxist Propaganda
525 Kilometres Up
In an Act of Space Pollution
Bergoglio's Puny Effort
Was Easily Minced Down
Into a "Nanobook" Measuring Less
Than Two Millimeters Square

On June 13, 2023, the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio's Leftist/Marxist writings were shot into space in the so-called "Spei Satelles" mission. In his act of space pollution, it can be said that Bergoglio's screeds have joined the other space junk there. What was truly laughable was the amount of money spent on this propaganda mission, which took off at 14:19 Pacific Daylight Time from Vandenburg Space Base in California. The Italian Space Agency coordinated the project, and Turin's Polytechnic University built the satellite. Along the way Italy's National Research Center, the Selesian University Institute of Venice, and the Global Institute of Buenos Aires were all dragged in to the propagandizing.

Bergoglio's Leftist/Marxist writings were literally microscopic, as is the corrupt philosophy behind them. They were contained in a nanobook, prepared by Bergoglio's Dicastery for Propaganda (Communication), which totaled only two millimeters square of text. The satellite is a mere 340x100x100 millimeters and weights only three kilograms. The whole thing is weirdly reminiscent of the fictional Mr. Spock's corpse being shot into space, but at least his coffin was some two meters long, almost ten times the size of Bergoglio's puny effort.

Traditional Catholics, Francis-Bergoglio's propaganda mission is pregnant with irony. That so many resources that could have been devoted to productive science should be hijacked to serve Francis-Bergoglio's Marxist political agenda is breathtaking, but not unexpected. After all, the man was involved in the 340,000,000 USD London Real Estate Fraud that involved the purloining of donations that his Newchurchers thought were going to the poor. His own Chief Auditor has admitted that Newvatican is going bankrupt, so Bergoglio has to pilfer money from whatever sources he can. He has already taken over the funds of the Knights of Malta, Caritas Internationalis, and is now going after the Carmelites.


St. Peter's Archbasilica, Recent Site of Nude Protest, Will Now Go Crazy Green
In Accordance with Francis-Bergoglio's Political Screed 2015 "Laudato Si'"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
St. Peter's Basilica

Francis-Bergoglio Apparently Fancies
That the World Will Global-warm Itself
Out of Existence by 2025
So He Is Going Crazy Green
Ordering that St. Peter's Basilica "Partner"
With a Leftist "Globalist" Group
To Ensure that the Basilica
Not Be Polluted by Newchurchers' Emissions
Already He Is Charging Admission
For Access to the Basilica

Francis-Bergoglio is confirming once again that he doesn't consider himself a Catholic pope, but essentially a secular politician. While supposedly recovering from his fifth operation, he had enough strength to send a June 9, 2023, political missive to the European People's Party Group, but two days later he canceled the religious devotion of the Angelus from his window.

Then, on June 9, 2023, it was announced that St. Peter's Archbasilica is going "green," crazy green. The basilica, which was recently the site of a political nude protest on the very Altar of the Confession, the high altar above St. Peter's tomb, has announced that it will "partner" with the World Resources Institute, a Leftist "globalist" organization, to make the once-Catholic basilica "green." Bergoglio, apparently convinced that the world will global-warm itself out of existence by 2025, has pushed a Leftist political agenda to get St. Peter's 10,000,000 annual tourists, with their exhalations, pounding feet, and polluting bodies that emit "greenhouse gasses." The WRI is concerned with "emissions" from the Newchurch faithful. Already Newchurch is charging admission to the basilica [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic World News.]

Traditional Catholics, the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio is far more worried about purported "global warming" than anything having to do with Catholicism, which he gave up many years ago, if he ever had it. He has prohibited conversion to Newchurch, denouncing it sas "proselytizing," but he is fully committed to reducing Newchurch's carbon "footprint" by 2050. Bergoglio and the WRI needn't worry. The statistics show that the number of Newchurchers is sinking so fast that there will not be many of them left in even ten years, nor will the former-Catholic Church buildings be left anymore. Already in many places around the world, at least half of them have been converted to condominia, bars, and hotels.

June 15, 2023 - Octave Day of Corpus Christi
Double Major Feast

Francis-Bergoglio Made a Newcardinal out of a Man Who Was Civilly "Married" in 1992
Ticona Porco Has Been Living Openly with His Ex-cook "Wife," and Bergoglio Is a Laughing-stock

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Toribio Tacona Porco

Toribio Ticona Porco
Has Been Exposed to Have Been
Civilly "Married" for Thirty Years
And to Have a Bastard Son
Yet Francis-Bergoglio Appointed
Him in 2018 to Be a Newcardinal
Of the Apostate Newchurch of the New Order
The Newchurch Has Once Again Been Exposed
To the World as Incompetent, Out of Control
And Certainly Not the Catholic Church

In 2018 the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio appointed Toribio Ticona Porco, of Bolivia, a Newcardinal of the Newchurch of the New Order. It turns out that Bergoglio made a BIG mistake. Ticona is "married" and has been for over thirty years, living with his "wife," who was his cook, and with his bastard son in the Bolivian capital of LaPaz. Bergoglio, who has become a laughing-stock in the incident, has remained guiltily mute.

Porco's malfeasance has now come to light again when his nephews sued him on June 8, 2023. They aver that has been civilly "married" and living with his "wife" since 1992, six years after he had been made a Newbishop by the "Unsaint" Newpope JPII-Wojtyla. Ticona then fathered a bastard son. The marriage documents have been confirmed by the Bolivian Official Registry Office. Then-Newbishop Porco's malfeasance was originally exposed by his grandmother, who was scandalized to find out about it in 1987, when a local scandal broke out. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic news sources.]

Traditional Catholics, the Newcardinal Porco case simply provides further confirmation that Francis-Bergoglio's regime is incompetent and out of control. It can no longer conduct even the basic operations of Newchurch. Criminals, fornicators, sodomites, and rapists now populate the ranks of Newchurch's "prelates." The evidence is undeniable that Bergoglio has turned over Newchurch to criminals and apostates. He has admitted to the international press knowing that a growing number of even his own Newchurchers, not to say Traditional Catholics around the world, believe that he is not a valid pope and that Newchurch itself is not the Catholic Church.

But at this point Bergoglio does not even try to defend himself, knowing that the clueless Newchurchers, the Neocon Newchurchers, and the Pseudo-traditionalists continue to worship him. Yet their numbers are rapidly sinking, as more and more Newchurchers are walking out of the fake Newchurch of the New Order.

June 14, 2023 - Within the Octave of Corpus Christi
Semidouble Sunday

FSSP Pseudo-traditionalist Presbyter Pleads Guilty to Paedophile Sex Crimes
FSSP and "New Latin Mess" Newchurch Groups Are Tainted with Paedopohile Crimes just Like Newchurch Itself

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
James Jackson

"Guilty, Your Honor"
Pled FSSP Presbyter James Jackson
(Whose Mug Shot Is Above)
To Child-pornography Crimes
Clueless "New Latin Mess of 1962"
Newchurchers Coughed up Tens of Thousands
On the Paedophile Presbyter
The Corrupt FSSP Leadership
Which Answers to the Apostate Newchurch
And Its Newpopes
Tried to Blame the "Pornography Industry"
Rather than Their Convicted Presbyter
So Corrupted by Newchurch's
Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust
Has the FSSP Become

"Guilty, Your Honor," pled Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP) presbyter James Jackson to child-pornography crimes, after having jumped bail and been re-incarcerated in 2022. Jackson had violated the terms of his parole, which forbad his “possessing any materials including videos, magazines, photographs, computer-generated depictions, or any other forms that depict sexually-explicit conduct involving children.” The FSSP was designated as Newchurch's official pseudo-traditional organization in 1988 and has become tainted in Newchurch's own Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust. Jackson is expected to serve at least five years in U.S. federal prison. Deus obstante, he will not be simulating the corrupted "New Latin Mass of 1962" there.

Jackson was pastor for the FSSP of Newchurch's St. Mary's Newparish in Providence, Rhode Island. It was there in Jackson's bedroom that the U.S. Federal Bureau of Investigation, acting on a tip and a search warrant, discovered "large amounts" of criminal paedophile materials. But Jackson's criminal prosecution will not end there. He also faces child-pornography charges in the State of Kansas, as a result of an investigation by the Kansas Bureau of Investigation (KBI), the same group that is investigating paedophile crimes in the Fellayite Neo-Society of St. Pius X (FSSP). [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

Traditional Catholics, in a disgusting show of leniency for paedophiles, the Fraternity of St. Peter issued a statement that it is now aware that Jackson pled guilty to paedophile crimes, but did not condemn Jackson's crimes, instead blaming the "pornography industry," as if it were blaming the gun, not the shooter, for mass murder. In a further disgusting show of support for paedophile presbyters, Jackson's "supporters" coughed up tens of thousands of U.S. dollars for the now-convicted paedophile.

As the Roman Stoic philosopher Seneca wisely observed: "[Qui cum canibus concumbunt, cum pulicibus surgent [he who lies down with dogs will get up with fleas.]" From its inception the Fraternity of St. Peter (FSSP), as well as the Institute of Christ the King (ICK), and other Newchurch groups associated with the corrupted "New Latin Mess of 1962," have become full partners in the filthy morals of the Newchurch of the New Order, to which they answer, and Newchruch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust.

No wonder FSSP presbyters (they are not Catholic priests because they are ordained by unconsecrated Newbishops) are now being found to be tainted with the same filthy anti-Catholic morality that leads them into the same paedophile crimes that have plagued -- and continue to plague -- the Newchurch of the New Order in its Great Sex and Embezzlement Holocaust. Traditional Catholics should shun completely the FSSP, ICK (whose Superior has been convicted of grand larceny), and Newchurch groups associated with the corrupted "New Latin Mess of 1962."

June 13, 2023 - Within the Octave
Liturgical Rank

Francis-Bergoglio Castigates His Neocon Newchurchers and Pseudo-traditionalists
Denouncing with Vile Words Those Who Won't Go Whole Hog to the Vatican II Modernism

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Francis-Bergoglio Shakes His Fist
At His Neocon Newchurchers
And Pseudo-traditionalists
Who Want the Corrupted "New Latin Mess of 1962"
In Contravention of His Specific Decrees
(This "1962 Mess" Is Not the Traditional Latin Mass)
He Has Turned up the Heat against Newchurchers
Who Embrace even an Iota of Traditional Catholicism
He Has Called These Newchurchers "Dung-eaters"
"Judases," "Nazis," and Now "Sterile" and Dead"

The apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio added a 47th and 48th invective against the followers of the "New Latin Mess of 1962," which is not the Traditional Latin Mass. The Neocon Newchurchers and Pseudo-traditionalists, having previously been denounced by him as "dung-eaters," "Judases," "Nazis," "stinking of the devil," and many more vile epithets, has now called them in an address given in Sardinia on May 28, 2023, as "sterile" and "dead." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

The Marxist/Modernist Francis-Bergoglio once again showed himself obsessed with suppressing the slightest movement in his Newchurch of the New Order to embrace even an iota of traditional Catholicism. He pontificated in his address that there is a "danger of going backwards," that is, a return to true Catholicism away from the Marxist/Modernist dictates of the Vatican II Anti-council, which in 1964 successfully fabricated a Newchurch of the New Order to replace the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church."

Traditional Catholics, it is this fabricated, apostate Newchurch of the New Order that the Neocon Newchurchers and Pseudo-traditionalists continue to support, in spite of their pious[sounding platitudes for the corrupted "New Latin Mess," which was deliberately used by Newchurch as the stepping-stone to the full-blown New Order Protestant-Masonic-Pagan "New Mess of 1969," which Newchurch uses universally to this day.

June 12, 2023 - Within the Octave of Corpus Christi
Semidouble Feast

Homosexuals Take over the Newchurch of the New Order in Spain
Some Paedophile Presbyters, Shielded by Newbishops in the United States, Had Escaped to Spain

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Spanish Newbishops' Conference

The Spanish Newbishops Conference
Reported that Homosexuals Have Taken Over
Newchurch in Spain
927 Child Victims Fingered 728 Newbishops
Presbyters, Nuns, Other Religious
And even Lay Officials
Who Had Raped, Sodomized, and Otherwise
Sexually Assaulted Them
Several Paedophile Criminal Presbyters
Had Escaped to Spain from the United States
Where They Were Being Shielded
By Newbishops There

The Spanish [Newbishops'] Conference on June 7, 2023, released its report showing that homosexuals have taken over Newchurch in Spain. 927 child victims fingered 728 Newbishops, presbyters, "nuns," other religious, and even lay officials, who had raped, sodomized, and otherwise sexually assaulted them.

The numbers released were as devastating per capita as those in the United States, Ireland, Germany, Canada, miAustralia, and other countries where Newchurch has a large presence. The Spanish report documented that more than four out of every five paedophile crimes were committed were against boys. Of the perpetrators, 52 per cent were Newbishops or presbyters, 29 per cent were "nuns" and religious, and 13 per cent were lay Newchurch officials. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Madrid's El País.]

Traditional Catholics, in connection with the report from Spain, it was revealed that several criminal presbyters from Newchurch dioceses in the United States, shielded by the Newbishops there, had escaped to Spain and continued their predations there. And on and on it goes. As usual, Francis-Bergoglio has refused to make any condemnation of his latest batch of paedophile criminals, this time from Spain, as Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust continues unabated.

June 11, 2023 - Sunday within the Octave of Corpus Christi
Semidouble Sunday

Francis-Bergoglio Expels His Private Secretary out of Newvatican for Treachery
Newarchbishop Ganswein, Who Also Served Benedict-Ratzinger, Wrote a Tell-all Book against Bergoglio

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Georg Ganswein & Francis-Bergoglio

Francis-Bergoglio Orders His Private Secretary:
To Hightail it Exile in Germany
With His Tail between His Legs
And without a Job
For His Treachery to His Newpope Employer
Ganswein Published a Tell-all Book
Disparaging Bergoglio
And Extolling the Modernist Leader
Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger
At the Same Time Ratzinger's Corpse
Was Being Consigned to Judgment

On April 23, 2023, Francis-Bergoglio expelled from the papal apartments his former private secretary, Newarchbishop Georg Ganswein. Ganswein for a time had been serving both Newpope Bergoglio and Ex-Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger, but suspicion was brewing that Ganswein and Ratzinger, both Germans, were plotting against Bergoglio, an Argentinean. In January 2020 Ganswein was involved in an Imbroglio involving Bergoglio and Newcardinal Robert Sarah, so Bergoglio, enraged at this last straw, fired Ganswein, leaving him to tend only the ailing Ratzinger.in the latter's exile to an apartment in the Vatican Gardens.

In Ratzinger's last days Ganswein wrote a tell-all book, which disparaged Bergoglio and extolled Ratzinger, the leader of the Modernist heretics at the Vatican II Anti-council and thereafter during his time as Newpope. Pre-publication copies of Ganswein's Nient'altro che la Verità [Nothing but the Truth] were already circulating while Ratzinger's funeral was wrapping up on January 5, 2023. Just four days later Bergoglio summoned Ganswein to the Newpapal apartments for a dressing-down.

On June 2, 2023, it was revealed that Bergoglio has expelled Ganswein from Newvatican premises and hightail it to exile in Germany with his tail between his legs and without portfolio. In effect, Ganswein has been exiled to no man's land without a job. Previously, it had been rumored that Bergoglio would appoint Ganswein to be Newpapal Nuncio to Costa Rica. But the clinically Narcissistic Bergoglio has a reputation for fiery vengence. Thus, Ganswein becomes a persona non grata in exile. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic News Agency Deutsch.]

Traditional Catholics, it appears that, whatever one may think about Francis-Bergoglio's own treacherous reputation, Newarchbishop Georg Ganswein played a perfidious Judas to his employer and was justly discharged and expelled. Truly, the Newchurch of the New Order, which is most certainly not the Catholic Church, is exactly what the holy St. John the Baptist called the damnable leaders of the Temple of his time, "a brood of vipers" (Matthew 3:7/DRV).

June 10, 2023 - Within the Octave of Corpus Christi
Semidouble Feast

Attorney General's Devastating Report Finds that Newchurch Operated a Paedophile Syndicate
Perpetrating a Massive Cover-up of 2,000 Paedophile Sex Crimes by More than 500 Presbyters in Illinois

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Joseph Imesch & Benedict-Ratzinger

Two Accomplices to Paedophile Crimes
The Illinois Attorney General's Report
"Catholic [Sic] Clergy Child Sex Abuse in Illinois"
Included the Case
Of Newbishop Joseph Imesch (Left)
Working with Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger (Right)
To Let a Presbyter Convicted
Of Sodomizing of 30 Children
Escape into a Newdiocese in Another State

In a devastating report issued May 23, 2023, by the Illinois State Attorney General, Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch in Illinois was fingered in a cover-up operation for over 500 of presbyters sexually assaulting children. The “Report on Catholic [Sic] Clergy Child Sex Abuse in Illinois,” exposed a massive cover-up by Illinois's Newchurch bishops of nearly 2,000 substantiated claims of paedophile crimes perpetrated by more than 500 Newchurch presbyters.

Newchurch bishops and archbishops have been secretly transferring paedophile presbyters between Newchurch parishes and dioceses without any notification to the unsuspecting parents. Many of the presbyters, caught once, went on to commit additional crimes against other children because Newchurch's bishops kept them at Newparishes to commit more crimes. The recidivism rate of the criminal presbyters was 60 per cent.

One presbyter let loose by Newchurch sodomized more than thirty children in three states. Another presbyter attacked at least nine "altar boys." Another Newchurch presbyter raped a 16-year-old girl and then convinced her parents to let her live with him as a "housekeeper." The presbyter then impregnated the girl and forced her to have an abortion. The Newbishop involved simply transferred the presbyter to another Newparish, where he committed more rapes against girls. Another presbyter liked to wrestle nude with the children of his Newparish. When one boy's parents reported him to the Newbishop, the Newbishop did nothing, and the presbyter proceeded to assault sexually at least 22 other boys in the Newparish.

In 2002, the "United States Conference of Catholic [Sic] Bishops" adopted a supposedly "zero-tolerance policy" against paedophile crimes on the part of Newchurch clergy. However, this policy has been proven to be an utter fraud perpetrated upon Newchurch members and the public at large to fool them into believing that the problem has been fixed. Instead, it has gotten much worse because perpetrators know that they will be given a slap on the wrist at worst. Newpopes JPII-Wojtyla, Benedict-Ratzinger, and Francis-Bergoglio have all colluded in perpetuating the fraud while all falsely claiming to have a "zero tolerance" policy for Newchurch. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the National Catholic Register.]

Traditional Catholics, advocates of the child victims raped, sodomized, and sexually assaulted by Newchurch bishops and presbyters strongly recommend that victims bypass the corrupt Newchurch entirely and instead go straight to the police. That way, there is a legal record against the perpetrator presbyters, and Newchurch bishops cannot cover up their crimes. It is clear by now to everyone with eyes to see that the Newchurch of the New Order and its Newpopes and Newbishops are accomplices in the crimes and can in no way be trusted. They need to be denounced to the police for the common criminals that they truly are.

June 9, 2023 - Within the Octave of Corpus Christi
Semidouble Feast

Naked Man Desecrates Already-desecrated St. Peter's High Altar
The High Altar Has Been Desecrated since the Vatican II Anti-council in 1964

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Altar of the Confessio

The High Altar of St. Peter's Archbasilica
Known as the Altar of the Confessio
Is Reached by Climbing Seven Steps
The Marble Altar is Located Directly Above
St. Peter's Tomb
And Is Crowned by Gian Lorenzo Bernini’s
Large Baroque Sculpted Bronze Canopy
It Was Desecrated on June 1, 2023
When a Naked Man Jumped on Top of It
Francis-Bergoglio Has Come under Fire
For Negligence in Failing in His Sworn Duty
To Protect the Priceless Artwork
In the Possession of the Church

On June 1, 2023, a naked man jumped on top of the high altar of St. Peter's Archbasilica. Although Newchurch had belated fit over the "desecration," it was the Newchurch of the New Order itself that had been desecrating St. Peter's altar, known as the Altar of the Confessio [of St. Peter] for some sixty years after the Vatican II Anti-council, held in the archbasilica between 1962 and 1965, replaced the Catholic Church and the Catholic Mass with a fraudulent Newchurch and "New Mess" in 1969, used worldwide in Newchurch to this day, which is not a Catholic Mass at all, but a Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service of no validity and no grace-giving power.

Two days later, Newcardinal Mauro Gambetti, archpresbyter of the archbasilica, desperately tried to simulate a "rite of reconciliation," but it didn't work. Gambetti has neither been ordained as a Catholic priest or consecrated as a Catholic bishop.

This incident was just the latest for Newpope Francis-Bergoglio, who has come under fire for negligence in failing in his sworn duty to protect the priceless artwork in the possession of the Church. Under Bergoglio there have been several instances of vandalism of the Church's priceless artworks in the Vatican Museums. Then, in 2019, a man climbed onto the high altar and vandalized one of Gian Lorenzo Bernini's great candelabra. In August 2022 global-warming extremists entered the Vatican Museums and attempted to vandalize one of the world's most precious artworks, the Lacoon sculpture from ancient Greece, excavated in Rome in 1506. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Reuters.]

Traditional Catholics, it is clear that Francis-Bergoglio does not take his sworn responsibilities seriously. He has no hesitation to spend exorbitant amounts of money to fly all over the world on his political junkets, but he can't find the few lire that would be required to protect the world's artistic heritage that is his sworn responsibility. It would be hard to conceive of a more worthless Newpope.


Newchurch Admits that Many of Its Messes Are Invalid (Fake)
Because the "Wine" Being Used for Years Has Been Deliberately Adulterated

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Fake 'eucharist'

Newchurch Has Been Forced to Admit
That Its 'eucharist' Is Invalid (Fake)
After It Came out that Its Presbyters
Were Using Adulterated Wine
For Years Messes in the United States
Have Been as Null and Void
As Kool-Aid
But even the Neocon Newchurchers
And Pseudo-traditionalist
Who Use the Corrupted "Mess of 1962"
Are Now Figuring out the Fact
That They Have Been Defauded
And Newchurch Attendance Has Fallen
Into Single Digits

Newbishop Joseph Naumann, of Kansas City, Missouri, speaking for many Newbishops in the United States, publicly admitted on June 5, 2023, that for years many Messes in his Newdiocese have been invalid (fake) because of deliberate defects in the "wine," which, according to Catholic and Apostolic doctrine, must be made of the fermented juice of grapes with no additives -- no sugar, no extra alcohol (as is used in sherry and port), and no other adulterating ingredients, including Kool-Aid and grape juice. And what Naumann says for the United States applies to most Newdioceses across the United States, and probably around the world.

Naumann went on to declare in writing: "For any number of years all Masses [sic] were invalid, and therefore the intentions for which those Masses [sic] were offered were not satisfied, including the obligation pastors have to offer Mass [sic] for the people.” To put it in simply, Newchurch Messes are fake. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Newarchdiocese of Kansas City, Missouri.]

In order to be valid, a Sacrament must have valid matter, form (words), and celebrant. The Newchurch of the New Order has a "Mess" (not a Mass) and a fake "eucharist" that that fails from validity on all three requirements. Thus, Newchurch "Messes" and "eucharists" are invalid (fake), no more grace-giving than a Protestant or Jewish service.

  1. FORM. In 1969 the Newchurch service as a whole (no longer a Mass), including the words of Consecration, was changed from the Catholic and Apostolic form to a Protestantized form when the so-called "New Mass" was introduced. Even many Neocon Newchurchers and Pseudo-traditionalists associated with the "New Latin Mess" of 1962, which is not the Traditional Latin Mass, mistakenly believe that the "New Mass" of 1969, still used universally in Newchurch, was simply an English (or Spanish or Swahili or whatever) "translation" of the True Mass. In fact, a full two-thirds of the Catholic and Apostolic Mass was corrupted into a Protestant-Masonic-Pagan service, with some Judaism thrown in.
  2. INTENT & CELEBRANT. In 1968 Newchurch stopped ordaining priests "to offer the Sacrifice of the Mass for the living and the dead" and instead began "installing presbyters" (presbyters, or elders, are essentially the same as Protestant ministers) "to preside over the assembly of the people," Protestant style. In addition, the intent of presbyters is not the same as that of priests. Thus, Newchurch has no priests left, only Protestant presbyters, except for a very few who are still active at age 80.
  3. MATTER. The Sacrament of the Most Holy Eucharist must be bread made only of wheaten flour and water. Many Newchurch sites use adulterated, and thus invalid (fake) matter, which isin fact not bread, but a cookie, as it contains white flour, salt, baking powder, baking soda, sugar, butter, oil, eggs, and sometimes even vanilla, cinnamon, and raisins. Thus, Newchurch's "bread" is invalid (fake).

On May 9, 1979, Newchurch's own Congregation for the Doctrine of the [New Order] Faith decreed that many New Messes held in the United States were invalid because of this defect of matter and were null and void. Thus, Newchurch "Messes" and "euchariststs" strike out as being fake, even according to Newvatican itself.

Traditional Catholics, Newchurch has perpetrated such a blasphemous, idolatrous, and sacrilegious lie upon its members that the horror of it is indescribable. None of Newchurch's "Messes" -- and that includes the "New Latin Mess" of 1962, which is not the Traditional Latin Mass, is valid, and yet Newchurchers for over sixty years have been handed fake cookies tor "communion," and their presbyters (not priests) have been swilling fake "wine." Yet this fraud has not stopped Newchurch from extorting money from its clueless members. But now many Newchurchers are not so clueless, as they figure out that they have been defrauded of the true Catholic Church. That is why Newchurch collections are way down, and Mess attendance has sunk into the single digits, with Newchurches being permanently shuttered closed down right and left.

June 7, 2023 - Ferial Day of Pentecost

The Apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio Now Has a Supermajority in the College of Newcardinals
He Has Confirmed that the Next Newpope Will Be Another Extremist Modernist Heretic

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Aha, I've Got You Now
Mugs the Apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
Who Now Has a Supermajority of 67 per Cent
In the College of Newcardinals
By the End of 2023
He Will Have a Supermajority of 80 per Cent
Only 67 per cent Is Needed to Elect
Another Extremist Modernist Heretic as Newpope
Meanwhile, Newchurch "Initiations"
(Formerly Baptisms) Have Plummeted
By Almost Half since the New Millennium

As of June 2, 2023, with the forcible retirement of Newcardinal Crescenzio Sepe, of Naples, Italy, more than two-thirds of the 121 voting members of the College of Newcardinals have been appointed by the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio, to ensure that his successor with be an extremist Modernist heretic.

A two-thirds vote is required to elect a Newpope for the Newchurch of the New Order. Another seven Newcardinals will be forcibly retired at age 80 by the end of 2023, so Bergoglio's supermajority will increase to 30 per cent. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the U.K. Tablet.]

Traditional Catholics, the Neocon and Pseudo-traditionalist Newchurchers have no excuse now not to abandon complete the Newchurch of the New Order. Newchurch is most certainly not the Catholic Church and is sinking fast day by day. It is rapidly pushing toward approval of abortion, homosexuality, trans-sexualism, deaconnesses/priestesses, non-celibate clergy, recognition of Protestantism, and outright recognition of pagan gods like Pachamama and Acacama, to name only a few. It has already lost the priesthood (1968) and the Traditional Latin Mass (1969). Meanwhile, the number of Newchurch "Initiations" (formerly Baptisms) has plummeted 42 per cent since the new millennium. Newchurch is now experiencing an Extinction Level Event.

June 6, 2023 - St. Norbert, Bishop & Confessor
Double Feast

Francis-Bergoglio and His Texas Newbishop Mercilessly Browbeat Handicapped Newchurch Carmelite Nuns
To Steal the Nuns' Funds and Property, but the Nuns Are Fighting back Like Goliaths

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Teresa Agnes Gerlach

Mother Teresa Agnes Gerlach
A Handicapped, Wheelchair-bound Newcarmelite Nun
Is Being Accused of Sexually Assaulting a Presbyter
Francis-Bergoglio and Newbishop Michael Olson
Have Apparently Colluded in the Charge
In Order to Steal the Newcarmelites'
Funds and Property Worth 22,000,000 USD
And Shore up the Bankrupt Newchurch
Francis-Bergoglio Has Often Shown
His Hatred against His Newcarmelites
Who Tend to Be More "Traditionalist"
Than Other Newchurch Religious Orders

A battle royal is shaping up between the "Dictator Newpope" Francis-Bergoglio and his henchman, Newbishop Michael Olson, of Fort Worth, Texas, against a small group of Newcarmelite nuns. It is really quite unimaginable that a man who dares to call himself a "pope" is so lacking in charity that he would persecute handicapped nuns. Bergoglio had better watch his step. The last time such a battle was fought, nuns took the case to the United States Supreme Court and won -- twice. These nuns know that the only way to deal with bullies and dictators is to fight back -- hard.

In the process, Reverend Mother Superior Teresa Agnes Gerlach of the cloistered Monastery of the Most Holy Trinity, who is handicapped and wheelchair bound, has been accused of having sexually assaulted a presbyter. In what seems to be a scheme on the part of Bergoglio's corrupt Newchurch to get possession of the Newcarmelites' funds and property, as Bergoglio's Newvatican is going bankrupt, the nun was forced to "confess" in a drugged state following a series of serious medical procedures, although she can't remember anything. Now Newchurch is refusing to let her have the counsel of a Newcanon lawyer of her choosing to assist in her defense. What is Newchurch afraid of -- the truth?

Mother Gerlach filed a lawsuit against Bishop Olson and the Newdiocese during the week of May 14, 2023. The lawsuit seeks 1,000,000 USD in punitive damages and accuses Bergoglio's Newbishop Olson of invading the privacy of Mother Gerlach and the other nuns and of stealing their personal property, viz., a computer and telephone so that they cannot communicate with the outside and to get possession of their donor list. The nuns support their Mother Superior unconditionally. They swear that "there has been someone always by her side, for months." The notion that she could have sexually assaulted a presbyter "doesn’t stand up to scrutiny," they aver.

Naturally, Bergoglio has sided with his dictatorial Newbishop Olson and on May 31, 2023, appointed him to have full power over the matter. On June 1, 2023, Olson, depriving Mother Gerlach of her right to have a Newvatican court decide the matter, simply purported to "dismiss" her. The "Dictator Newpope" Bergoglio has established a reputation of hating his Newcarmelites. He has shut down several of their Carmels in the United States and Europe. They tend to be more "traditionalist," and Bergoglio hates anyone who professes anything approaching the real Catholic Faith, from which he himself is an apostate.

In an effort to cover up the whole matter so embarrassing to the Newchurch of the New Order, Olson is trying to intimidate the nuns into submission by denying them the fake Novus Ordo cookie and Kool-Aid and the fake "sacrament of reconciliation," both of which are completely invalid in Newchurch, which is apostate from the Catholic Church and far worse than Protestant, until the nuns drop their lawsuit against him. Olson may well have committed a criminal act by trying to intimidate the plaintiffs in a lawsuit. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by Catholic News Agency.]

Traditional Catholics, what is the truth? Newbishop Olson publicly sputtered out his hatred of the nuns in a letter, claiming that they have incited "local, national, and international media coverage and have incited hatred and animosity against me,” which has “hindered the freedom of my ecclesiastical power." Ah, yes, it all comes down to POWER in Newchurch, doesn't it. Not justice, not its oft-proclaimed "mercy," not charity. Newchurch is most certainly not the Catholic Church, but as St. John the Baptist called the Church authorities of his time "a den of thieves" (Matthew 21:13/DRV). It is ironic that in his letter to the nuns, Olson dared to describe himself as their "holy pastor"! Nor could the apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio care less about his browbeaten nuns when he lets off with impunity his Newcardinals, Newbishops, and presbyters who rape and sodomize children.


Francis-Bergoglio's Newchurch Charged with Money Laundering
As Newchurch's Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust Continues to Rage across the World

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Francis-Bergoglio & Leopoldo Brenes

The "Embezzler" Newpope Francis-Bergoglio
Poses with Nicaraguan Newcardinal Leopoldo Brenes
Bergoglio Has Been Implicated as the Mastermind
In the 2014 London Real Estate Fraud
Involving 340,000,000 USD of Newchurch Funds
Brenes's Newchurch in Nicaragua Has Now Been Charged
With Money Laundering and Other Financial Malfeasance
As a Result of Which Newchurch Has Been Designated
As "an Organized Terrorist and Criminal Mafia"

Francis-Bergoglio's regime, battered in various countries by charges of money laundering and embezzlement in Newchurch's continuing Great Sex & Embezzlement Holocaust, has now been charged on May 27, 2023, by the government of Nicaragua with these financial crimes. The day before, the government had frozen the accounts of Newchurch's dioceses, parishes, and schools.

Nicaraguan police had discovered "hundreds of thousands of dollars hidden in bags located in facilities belonging to the dioceses in the country." The government also charged that Newchurch had illegally withdrawn funds from frozen bank accounts and had been operating a money laundering network throughout the country. The government confirmed that criminal "proceedings had been opened against Newchurch for all these crimes."

Newcardinal Leopoldo Brenes, of Nicaragua's capital Managua, has been ordered to produce financial documents for the investigation. Newbishop Rolando Alvarez, of Matagalpa, has already been sentenced to 26 years in prison in the financial malfeasance. Because of Newchurch's financial crimes, it has been designated as "an organized terrorist and criminal mafia." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by ACI Prensa.]

Traditional Catholics, there is nothing new in this. The apostate Newpope Francis-Bergoglio has been personally fingered in the ongoing Newvatican trial as the mastermind behind the 2014 London Real Estate Fraud, involving some 340,000,000 USD of Newchurch funds. Bergoglio has also illegally taken over control and funds of independent charitable organizations such as the Knights of Malta and Caritas Internationalis. As the old saying goes, "the fish stinks from the head."


A Reader Asks: "What Happened to the May 31 Feast of Mary Queen in 2023
Or Is It One of Those 'New' Feasts Introduced by Hannibal Bugnini, the Infamous Modernist Architect of the New Order?"

From: Tim
Hannibal Bugnini's 'La Riforma Liturgica'

The Infamous Modernist Architect
Of the Invalid "New Liturgy" (Novus Ordo)
The Freemason Presbyter Hannibal Bugnini
Wrote a 1,000-page Book
Spilling the Beans on the Corrupt Purposes
Behind Destroying the Roman Catholic
Mass, Divine Office, and Sacraments
Turning Them into a Travesty
Of a One-World Religion
Based in Protestantism, Freemasonry
And even Outright Pagan
Between 1951 and 1969
The Catholic Mass, the Divine Office
And the Sacraments Were Destroyed
In the Newchurch of the New Order

Dear TRADITIO Fathers:

The calendar entry in the TRADITIO Network's Traditional Liturgical Calendar department lists May 31, 2023, as Pentecost Wednesday. According to the Traditional Roman Catholic Calendar, does Pentecost Wednesday replace the Feast of the Queenship of Mary during the Octave of Pentecost? Or is this feast to be disregarded, as another one of those "new" feasts introduced by Hannibal Bugnini, the infamous Modernist Architect of the invalid New Order?


As you suspected, this "new" feast was introduced just after the aberrations that the infamous Modernist Hannibal Bugnini began to introduce in 1951, culminating in the Half New Order "New Latin Mess of 1962" and the invalid Protestant-Masonic-Pagan "New Mess of 1969," which is still used by Newchurch as its Ordinary Mess. Therefore, this "new" feast is not recognized on some Traditional Roman Catholic calendars, such as the venerable Ordo published by the St. Lawrence Press.

On other calendars, because the feast occurred before the first wave of Bugnini's liturgical aberrations in 1956, it is transferred to the next liturgically-available day after the Octave of Pentecost, which is a Privileged Octave of the First Class (only the Octave of Easter shares that distinction). No other feast can supersede these days, which are all celebrated in the red vestments of Pentecost. However, if a Double Feast, such as that of the Queenship of Mary, which is a Double Feast of the Second Class, occurs during the Octave of Pentecost, it cannot be merely commemorated, but must be transferred to the next liturgically-available day when it can be celebrated as the principal feast. In 2023, the next liturgically-available day is the day after Trinity Sunday, which ends the Octave of Pentecost.

For further information, click on the TRADITIO Network's Traditional Liturgical Calendar department for the daily calendar listings from January 2001 through December 2023. Also click on the TRADITIO Network's Traditional Latin Mass, Divine Office & Sacraments department for a year-by-year chronology of "The Descent into the Black Hole of the Liturgical 'New Order.'"

June 6, 2023 - Pentecost Saturday - Ember Saturday
Semidouble Feast

Benedict-Ratzinger's Appointee to Be Forced to Abdicate on Accusations of Sex-crime Cover-ups and Financial Malfeasance
Newbishop Stika of Knoxville Was Declared by His Presbyters as a Danger "to Their Personal Well-being"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
Richard Stika and Benedict-Ratzinger

Benedict-Ratzinger, Who Had a Checkered Record
Of Appointing Corrupt Newbishops
Poses with Richard Stika, Newbishop of Knoxville
Who Is Now Implicated in Active Cover-ups
Of Sexual Assaults against Laywomen
And in Possible Embezzlement
From the New Newchurch Cathedral Fund
Newrome Has Now Been Cornered
Into Forcing Stika's Abdication in 2023

Newpope Benedict-Ratzinger had a checkered record appointing corrupt Newbishops for his Newchurch. Richard Stika, of Knoxville, Tennessee, was one of them. The evidence against him is so bad that Francis-Bergoglio has now been cornered into forcing Stika's abdication, probably by the end of June 2023.

First off, Stika was reported to be sheltering and funding one of his Newseminarians accused of raping a Newparish organist. When an investigator appointed by Sitka's own review board, a former police officer, got too close to the truth, Sitka fired him in 2021. The victim has now sued Sitka personally, as well as his Newdiocese. Another lawsuit was filed in 2022 against Stika for failing to discipline a presbyter who sexually assaulted a Newparishioner. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Knoxville News Sentinel.]

Traditional Catholics, it seems that Richard Stika doesn't handle money any better than he handles sex criminals. He has been accused by several presbyters of malfeasance in handling money donated to building a new Newcathedral. A dozen of Stika's own presbyters was so traumatized that they applied to Francis-Bergoglio's U.S. nuncio for "merciful relief" from Stika, citing danger "to their personal well-being."

June 2, 2023 - Pentecost Friday - Ember Day of Pentecost
Semidouble Feast

Major U.S. Newarchdiocese Capsized by the Loss of 60 per Cent of Its Newparishes
The Cardinalatial Newarchdiocese of St. Louis Is Bleeding Presbyters and Newchurchers Like a Sieve

From: The TRADITIO Fathers
St. Louis Newarchdiocese

The Cardinalatial Newarchdiocese
Of St. Louis, Missouri
Is Going Extinct with the Announcement
Of the Closure of 60 per cent
Of Its Newparishes since 1950
When the Modernist Heretics Began to Take Over
And Created a Newchurch of the New Order
On the Current Trajectory with the Failing Newchurch
St. Louis by 2025 Will Have
More Newparishes than Presbyters
Only about 100 for the Area of 2,000,000 Souls

One of the major U.S. Newarchdioceses, which has often been headed by a cardinal, is being slashed by 60 per cent since 1950, after which the Modernist heretics began to take over the Catholic Church and create a Newchurch of the New Order. The Newarchdiocese of St. Louis, Missouri, which in 1950 had 331 Newparishes is now going to be reduced to a mere 134. The announcement was made by Newarchbishop Mitchell Rozanski on May 30, 2023.

The cause is the usual one that is destroying so many other Newdioceses of Newchurch: the advent of the heretically Modernist Newchurch of the New Order, founded in 1964 at the Vatican II Anti-council, which is most certainly not the Catholic Church. This Newchurch has failed to attract more than a handful of young men to become Newchurch presbyters. (Newchurch stopped ordaining priests in 1968 when it adopted an invalid Protestantized New Ordinal that simply "installs presbyters," who are not priests, but equivalent to Protestant ministers.)

In one Newparish in the Newarchdiocese, there is only one presbyter for every 6,000 Newchurchers. (But most of them don't attend the New Mess anyway.) On the current trajectory with the failing Newchurch, St. Louis by 2025 will have more Newparishes than presbyters (about 100). By then, over 40 per cent of the current presbyters will be retired or dead.

What is worse, attendance at the Protestant-Masonic-Pagan "New Mess," which is not a valid Mass, but a Protestant-Jewish-based worship service, has slumped to fewer than ten per cent, roughly equivalent to the Anglican/Episcopalian sect, which is expected to become virtually extinct in ten years. [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by National Catholic Register.]

Traditional Catholics, Newarchbishop Rozanski admitted that some 5,000 Newchurchers a year are simply walking out of Newchurch in St. Louis. The recently-announced Newparish closures are expected to drive away an even larger number of Newchurchers. Newchurch is well on its way to virtual extinction in very few years, so all the numbers say after the Newchurch of the New Order replaced the Catholic Church as the "institutional" Church in 1964.

June 1, 2023 - Pentecost Thursday
Semidouble Feast

Francis-Bergoglio Has Now Approved "Gay Marriage" according to a Belgian Newbishop
Who Spoke to Bergoglio Specifically about the Flemish Newbishops' Policy of Blessing Sodomite "Marriages"

From: The TRADITIO Fathers

Francis-Bergoglio Blasphemously Stated:
To Sodomites: "God Made You This Way"
And Has Already Publicly Approved
"Gay Civil Unions"
Now His Belgian Newbishops Say
That He Supports Their New "Liturgy"
To "Bless" Sodomite "Marriages"
In Accordance with His 2016 Document
"Amoris laetitia" [The Joy of Love]
Which Is Also Being Pushed
By His German Newbishops

On May 25, 2023, Newbishop Johan Bonny of Antewerp, Belgium, reported that after two audiences with Francis-Bergoglio, the apostate Newpope declined to rescind the decree of his Flemish Newbishops to "bless" officially sodomite "marriages," but instead stated that he is "supportive." Bergoglio has the power and obligation to rescind the Newbishops' decree, but did not. Therefore, according to the canonical principle, "Qui tacet, consentit," Bergoglio's approval can be presumed in law.

Bonny said that all of the Flemish Belgian Newbishops are united on this matter. They had presented to Bergoglio in September 2022 a draft "liturgy" to "bless" sodomite "marriages" in accordance with Bergoglio's own 2016 document "Amoris laetitia" (The Joy of Love). The Newbishop said that Bergoglio's support trumps an earlier March 15, 2021, opinion from the Dicastery for the Doctrine of the [New Order] Faith against such "marriages." Bergoglio has not denied the report of his support. He has already publicly approved "gay civil unions." [Some information for this Commentary was contributed by the Katholisch.]

Traditional Catholics, Francis-Bergoglio and his Newbishops supporting sodomite "marriage" in contravention to Sacred Scripture, Sacred Tradition, and the dogmatic teaching of the Church, appeals to a completely non-religious principle of "diversity," a concept that has been pushed in opposition to the Catholic Church at the Vatican II Anti-council and by the apostate Newpopes of the New Order. In accordance with this false principle, Newchurch, which is most certainly not the Catholic Church, has in practice also accepted paedophilia, from Newpopes, Newcardinals, Newbishops, and presbyters on down.

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