Mary Immaculate

The Purpose of the Sodality

The Sodality of Mary Immaculate is a pious association of girls and women, married or unmarried, who seek mainly to attain piety, devotion, and the increase of love of God by special attention to the fully-traditional Divine Office, the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and the Oratory of St. John the Apostle as the sacred venue of this worship in the San Francisco Bay Area.

The Work of the Sodality

The work of the Sodality at the Oratory of St. John the Apostle is to maintain the material requisites for celebration of the Divine Office and Holy Mass and to assist in the preparation of the physical facilities for the celebration. In addition, one of the members of the Sodality serves as carilloner for the sounding of the bells at the Angelus and the Consecration of Holy Mass, as well as for processions and at other times when the bells are sounded.

Additional Girls and Women Are Invited

We welcome additional girls and women to join the Sodality.