Services at the Oratory

St. John's Oratory
(Fishermen's & Seamen's Memorial Chapel)

Our usual schedule is as follows.
For details and exceptions, noted in the Society's current schedule of fully Traditional Latin Masses and other traditional services, click on the Current Mass Schedule Bulletin.

Confessions: 8:30 am Sunday by appointment only.
Other Traditional Catholic Latin Sacraments and Blessing of Religious Articles: by appointment only.
We do not conduct extra-congregational weddings or funerals. All rites offered only on site.

All are welcome to attend services. However, reception of Holy Communion at the Traditional Latin Mass is limited to baptized Traditional Catholics professing the Traditional Roman Catholic Faith, who are prepared to receive according to the traditional precepts of the Church. Holy Communion is administered only on the tongue and only when the communicant is kneeling (except where physical infirmity impedes). Admittance to the Oratory for services is at the discretion of the priest.