Although Fr. Morrison is associated with a different organization from the TRADITIO Network, the National Registry of Traditional Latin Masses, the TRADITIO Fathers have been quite familiar with his work for many years. He has run the National Registry of Traditional Latin Masses and has published the Official Traditional Catholic Directory since 1993 to serve a very great need in the traditional Catholic community.

Our confirmed information is that Fr. Morrison was ordained as a priest in the valid pre Vatican II, traditional Roman Catholic rite of Holy Orders by a traditional Roman Catholic bishop of the Dominican Order, who himself was validly consecrated in the traditional Roman rite by another traditional Roman Catholic bishop.

Our information is that as a traditional Roman Catholic priest, Fr. Morrison has never deviated from rock-solid traditional Catholicism and has never simulated the Novus Ordo service. Because he has been such a staunch traditional priest, who has never given in to any compromises to the Catholic Faith, he has, like all other traditional priests, sometimes been the target of New Order extremists, like a certain defrocked Benedictine, who have spread disinformation about traditional priests over the internet in order to undermine traditional Roman Catholicism and substitute for it a New Order (Novus Ordo).