Ireland Descends Further Into the Abyss
By Patricius Anthony

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Ireland Descends Further Into the Abyss

By Patricius Anthony

Leo Varadkar

After voting for the legalization of same-sex “marriage” in 2015 (with the acquiesce of the Novus Ordo clergy), Ireland has fallen even deeper into the abyss by electing an admitted sodomite as Taoiseach (Prime Minister). Leo Varadkar, a 38-year-old physician of Indian heritage, has held a number of government posts since the beginning of his political career in 1999 as a member of the Fine Gael Party.

Not surprisingly, Varadkar was a vociferous proponent of the abominable 2015 amendment to the Irish Constitution which permitted sodomite unions. He is quoted during the run-up for the referendum as saying: “This Bill allows gay men and women, for the first time, to be equal citizens in their own country.”[Irish Central, 20 May 2017]

A look at some of the reaction to Varadkar’s election shows just how perverted contemporary Irish political life has become. The press and politicians from opposing parties are not worried that the election of a public sinner is an affront to Almighty God and will mean spiritual disaster for Ireland, or that it is a horrific example for the nation’s youth which now see that such a life style is okay and actually gets rewarded.

No, that was not the reaction. Instead, his opposition thought that the new prime minister was too “conservative.” Sinn Fein leader Gerry Adams worried that Varadkar “will drag this Government to the right.” The leftist Green Party leader, Eamonn Ryan, said that “there’s not a scintilla of green in [Varadkar].” [Irish Central, 14 June 2017]

In post-Christian Ireland, this is how politicians are evaluated. Their character and their faith matter little, instead, their worth is judged on whether they adhere to liberalistic principles.

While few commentators drew the connection, the election of an admitted sodomite to the highest office in the land, the legalization of “gay” marriage, and the horrific and ongoing paedophile scandal, all stem from the Second Vatican Anti-Council (1962-65) and the “reforms” which came in its wake, especially the promulgation of the New Mass by Montini (Paul VI). Unfortunately, Ireland, as did the rest of the world, with the exception of some courageous souls (Fr. Gommar Depauw, Archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, Bishop Castro Mayer), went along with the changes which, in effect, began the de-Christianization of the country.

The election of Varadkar and the legalization of "gay" marriage can be seen as a reaction (although wrongheaded) to Newchurch's demonic paedophile scandal which damaged and ruined the lives of thousands and where practically nothing has been done to correct the holocaust or punish the perpetrators.

While rage and contempt for the gang of perverts, queers, sodomites, apostates, and heretics which run Newchurch is justified, channeling it into support of depravity and vice or dropping out completely is not the way to go or what Catholics did in the past. Instead, action should be taken to eliminate the real source of the problem which has produced the environment where sodomites can be elected to public office.

While it is undeniable that Francis-Bergoglio's "gay friendly" reign as Newpope has contributed to Varadkar's election, to focus entirely on the Argentine heretic would miss the underlying cause of Ireland and, for that matter, the world's descent into rampant immorality. Francis-Bergoglio is a symptom; the problem is Vatican II. While he may want to push the Revolution faster than some of Newchurch's "conservatives" may like, he is carrying forth the principles of the Anti-Council and the changes which came in its wake to their logical conclusions.

If there is a silver lining for Ireland, it is that Newchurch is in steep decline as vast numbers have left, vocations have plummeted to abysmal lows, and Church closings are everywhere. If such trends hopefully continue, Newchurch will, within several generations, have all but disappeared.

Maybe this is the Divine Plan after all: allow the Novus Ordo to destroy itself and let Ireland follow in the path of Sodom and Gomorrah to its destruction. It is impossible to know the Mind of Almighty God as St. Paul so wisely counsels in his sublime Epistle to the Romans,: “O the depth of the riches, of the wisdom, and of the knowledge of God! How incomprehensible are his judgments, and how unsearchable his ways!” [DR, ch. XI, vs. 33]